Before Braces Go On

About one week before you have braces fitted (other than invisalign), you will have an appointment at your nearest office to have separators fitted.  These help make space for the metal bands that go around your back teeth as part of treatment.


Separators are small  rubber modules which are placed between the teeth, generally in the molars.


What does it do?

Separators are left  in place for upto a week and slowly push the teeth apart a fraction of  a millimetre. This allows the spacing necessary to place a metal orthodontic band around the molar tooth as part of braces.

Do separators hurt?

The separator in place feels like “a bit of meat stuck between the teeth” and can be quite uncomfortable for a couple of days.


If you have separators in place, avoid sticky and hard foods. This will reduce the chance of  the separators falling out.

If the separator falls out

Generally the space will stay open for 1-2 days. If your next appointment is more than 2 days away, then contact the orthodontist since you may need another separator  to be placed.