Privacy Policy

On 21 December 2001, a new privacy law came into effect across Australia that regulated the way private sector organisations handled personal information.  The new law, which is part of the Privacy Act 1988 (The Privacy Act), includes ten National Privacy Principles (NPPs) that set standards for the way organisations, including health providers, handle personal information.  In Victoria, the Health Records Act 2001, also sets further standards on this matter, including provision for fees to be charged for access.

The new privacy laws give individuals new privacy rights including the right to have access to the personal information, especially health information, an organisation holds about them.  Individuals also have the right to complain if they think an organisation has breached their privacy rights, and to obtain redress if the breach is proven.

If you have any privacy issues, please phone 1300 BEE HAPPY (1300 233 427) and ask to speak to our Privacy Officer.

These policies have been updated with new legislation from March 2014. Our Privacy Officer is available during business hours for any queries you may have.


Bee Happy Orthodontics respects the privacy of the information given to us to ensure the best possible treatment.

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