Why have orthodontic treatment?

The aim of orthodontic treatment is to provide a person with a healthy, functional bite and an attractive smile.

Problems requiring orthodontic treatment can involve crowding, spacing, malalignment of the teeth, malalignment of the top and bottom jaws (i.e. poor bite) or any combination of these factors.

Even slightly crooked teeth may spoil an otherwise attractive smile.

Additional benefits of well aligned teeth and a good bite may include better function of teeth and jaws, better access for cleaning of teeth and more even wearing of the teeth over time-hence better appearance of the teeth in later life.

Studies have shown that a person's appearance may be related to popularity, social behaviour, personality style and self-esteem.

Orthodontic treatment may be of benefit in the critical developmental years, especially the sensitive teenage phase.

More and more adults too are seeking orthodontic treatment to improve not only their dental health, but also smile and general facial appearance. This can be part of a positive change in their personal, social and professional lives.






Evaluation and Treatment

Orthodontic problems can involve more than just teeth; so we look at the whole face when treating our patients.

At the first visit, you will be asked to fill out a patient information form. We then discuss with you what the orthodontic problems are and whether or not treatment is required.

If treatment is required, then the type of treatment and time taken to completion are outlined at the first visit.

This will be confirmed in a written quotation of the total cost of the treatment.

If you decide to go ahead with treatment, we will organise a second appointment for diagnostic records; these are moulds of your teeth, photographs and x-rays, which we need to fully plan the treatment.