Frequently Asked Questions

Cost of treatment

How much will treatment cost?
The cost varies, depending on the type of treatment. A written quotation of the total cost of treatment is given to you at your first visit to our practice if treatment is indicated.


General Information

Does orthodontic treatment hurt?
There is always a degree of discomfort, especially in the first week after braces are fitted, this varies from patient to patient.

Dental visits during orthodontic treatment?
Regular six monthly visits to your own Dentist during orthodontic treatment are essential.

Can I play sport?
Yes you can. A mouth guard should be worn for contact sports, including netball and basketball. We can fit a mouthguard at the banding (fitting of braces) appointment, where requested.

Am I too old for orthodontic treatment?
No, you are not. Orthodontic treatment can be carried out at any age. More and more adults are now seeking orthodontic care, not only for a better appearance and brighter smile, but also to correct a poor bite and jaw function.


Information about braces

How do braces come off?
Braces are removed with special instruments. There is gentle pressure, but no pain.

How long will treatment last?
At the first visit, each patient is given an estimate of how long treatment will take. Co-operation is very important, to finish treatment on time and with the best result. Any orthodontic treatment, to be successful needs a lot of co-operation from the patient. On average, patients wear braces for 2 years.

How do braces go on?
The braces are fitted to your teeth with special glue. This is a painless procedure.


Oral Hygiene

Oral Hygiene?
Care should be taken with what you eat and drink. Meticulous attention to oral hygiene cannot be stressed enough.

Tooth brushing?
Care must be taken with cleaning once the braces are placed on the teeth. To ensure no damage to the enamel and gums, the teeth must be brushed at least three times a day.

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